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Planning an event? Maybe a disco, concert or private pool party. The Yarra Centre has a space that will accomodate you, with large open court space, 3 pools and a lush lawn area with BBQ facilities. Maybe its time you called us about space for your next special event.

Event Space Hire

Event Space Hire Features

Event Space Hire

Whether you're planning a concert, disco or private pool party the Yarra Centre has a space that can accommodate you. With a two court stadium, 3 pools, multipurpose room and expansive lush green lawns we have the space that you require to host your next special event. Conveniences such as seating for 50, hot water urns, fridge space and trestle tables available to make your next event easier. Why not contact us about booking one of our spaces?

Previous events that have been hosted in our spaces include

  • Disco's
  • Concerts
  • Meetings
  • Family Fun Days
  • School pool carnivals
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