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Table Tennis

Come and join the friendly, fun and competitive atmosphere of Keenagers. Playing ever Tuesday and Friday mornings keenagers is a Table Tennis club where all age groups are welcome to come play and have a cup of coffee afterwards.

Table Tennis at Yarra Centre

Table Tennis

Keen-agers is a not for profit table tennis club catering for people who enjoy a game of table tennis in a friendly welcoming atmosphere.

Although members are mainly from an older age group, our present memberships range from people in their 20's upwards. We all enjoy the companionship and varying levels of ability, and welcoming everybody who wishes to play table tennis.

The club meets every Tuesday and Friday morning between 9.00am and 11.00am. A charge of $3.00 is paid at reception. A 50 cent charge is made by the club for each person per session. This covers not only refreshments but also equipment replacement such as bats, balls and nets.


Keenagers Meeting Times

Tuesday 9-11am

Friday 9-11am


Feel Like coming and joining the fun?

Contact Information

Egon and/or Maureen Fink -  5966 9772

Egon Email -